Help us build a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow.
Earn $1,000 every time you share SolarMyHome with your friends and they purchase their own system. If you have purchased a system with us, we can apply a $1000 credit to your solar system purchase.* If you have not purchased a system with us, we’ll send you $1,000 via PayPal!

  • Fill out the form to get your own referral code.
  • Refer your friends, family, neighbors and clients.
  • Get paid when they go solar.

Our customers who have participated in our referral program have been able to pay their systems off twice as fast — an average of five years!

Are you a business owner or manager?
Contact us today to become one of our partners! One of our representatives from our partner success team will be in touch to let you know how you and your business can benefit from our referral program.

*SolarMyHome will pay $1,000 towards the customer’s loan only with written permission from the loan provider. In the event that the loan provider will not accept payments from SolarMyHome on behalf of the customer, SolarMyHome will pay the homeowner the full referral reward via PayPal.


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